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Freebie: Practice Tracker

Often students have little idea how much they practice each week. Generally, practice is irregular, at best, with the rare student that has a consistent practice routine. And those consistent practice routines usually mean there is an adult behind it all reminding them to practice.

There are many creative tips and tricks to create better practice habits, but one of our favorites is a simple tool: a practice tracker. This chart helps students track the frequency of their practices, as well as length. This type of tool is great for goal-oriented learners that love to see their progress. It can also be helpful for incentive-oriented learners as well (ex. "fill in x days on your tracker this week and you can pick a prize).

Download this great practice chart (file below) designed to help students see the big picture in their weekly practice habits while fostering motivation to increase their practice time!

Practice Tracker (1)
Download PDF • 159KB

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