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Teacher Feature: Liam Pluntke

Blooming Cactus Music welcomes their newest instructor, Liam Pluntke - Guitar, Piano, and Beginning Voice.

Liam Pluntke is a composer/singer-songwriter who is studying music theory and composition at Arizona Christian University. He currently owns the rights to a small music publishing business, Sonoran Heat Records, and has started releasing music in the past couple years. He is working on releasing many more original songs and compositions in the near future. He started learning how to play piano at the age of eight, and has picked up many other instruments since then such as guitar, banjo, drums, and his personal favorite, charango. He has studied guitar, drums, composition, and voice under a plethora of talented teachers. He hopes he can help cultivate a stronger music culture in Phoenix through a variety of songs and orchestral works.

What do you want your students to ultimately learn?

I want my students to ultimately learn their instrument to the extent to where they can sit down and play to express their emotions freely and experiment without being restricted to a limited amount of songs or styles that they are familiar with.

What aspects of music education do you find most important to your


Theory and sight reading to me are very important. Not only does it broaden the player’s understanding of their instrument, but it allows them to harness music in more diverse mediums, whether that be composition, more virtuosic playing, improvising, etc.

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