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   Voice Lessons   


What We Offer

  • Highly-Educated Voice Instructors

  • Well-rounded education,     including technique, theory,   performance, improvisation, and composition

  • Customized curriculum to every student and their goals

  • Performance opportunities   throughout the year

  • Flexible scheduling


What to Expect When Taking Voice Lessons

Ready to level up your singing skills? The voice is our natural-born instrument. It comes with us wherever we go and changes in sound through out our lives. It has been used for millennia as a way to celebrate special occasions, retell history and folklore, and simply for entertainment. Today's music can place a lot of demand on a singer. Since the voice is a muscle, just like any other, you need to know how to properly use and care for your voice. Hiring a voice instructor for voice lessons would be a wise decision.    

Your instructor's top priorities for voice lessons are to build trust and quickly understand your goals, learning style, strengths, and need areas. Lessons are self-paced, and students are never pressured to meet milestones within a time frame. All BCM voice teachers integrate music theory and technique into their curriculums and include project pieces such as composition or learning more advanced pieces of the students choosing.

Ultimately, our instructor's top goal is to make music accessible and to create life-long lovers of music. Sign up today for guitar lessons in Phoenix, Arizona, by contacting Blooming Cactus Music.

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Christina was awesome. My daughter was nervous to start voice lessons but Christina’s attitude and personality made her immediately at ease and ready for another lesson.

-Tim M.

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