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Into Music and Piano? Tune into this fun Youtube Channel!

Us teachers are always looking for creative ways to engage and inspire our students. Here is just a sample of things we do:

1. Bring fun worksheets (like crosswords and decoders)

2. Use props (Shopkins make wonderful pianists)

3. Learn a radio song by ear

4. Use technology

Yes, technology can be an amazing way to engage our students. From ipad games like piano maestro or Teoria for at home music dictation to the incomparable youtube. And we have fallen for the long running youtube channel PianoTV hosted by the lovely Allysia! She covers not only piano but also music history! Today, we want to share her response to a piano-related question we often get: How long does it take to learn to play piano? But let it be known, this really applies to all instruments! Enjoy!

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